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Our Business is driven by a desire to enhance the technological capabilities of our clients and partners. As a diversified high-technology company, we strive to accommodate specific needs while keeping in mind that improving technology requires changing the way things are done and not just the machinery. To provide the best suited and most cost effective solutions, we supply distinct yet complementary services as a distributor, integrator, and consultant of high-technology systems.

Our Solutions are categorized by industry because we appreciate the industry specific concerns and expectations of clients. Having however gained exposure to many of them, we are often at liberty to make use of our experiences in one industry to invent a creative solution for another. We invite clients and partners to join us in leveraging knowledge for tomorrow’s technology in the following fields.

High city densities make the automobile a prized asset in most of South East Asia. With the expansion of automobile and auto-parts manufacturing in this region, we recognize the opportunity of providing indigenous technologies to improve local transportation. Our manufacturing solutions provide factory inspection systems and vehicle mounted computing, while our fleet management solutions offer mobility technologies.

The high operating costs of fleet and servicing firms make aviation a difficult business. We believe that with the intelligent use of technology, aviation costs can be reduced while safety is enhanced. Our fleet operating solutions improve flight reliability and save inventory by reducing wear on high-speed moving parts and making spare part predication more accurate. Our testing solutions use high-speed data acquisition to enable time saving testing of aircraft engines and aerodynamic models.

Building Automation
Although special designs give buildings exclusive intrinsic value, most owners of real estate have to live with the fact that location and maintenance costs determine their returns on investment. We believe that technology can boost the returns on real estate by cutting operational costs and boosting the use of vacant space. Our cost cutting solutions use smart security and environment controls to reduce the use of energy and manpower. Our intelligent parking and elevator solutions increase transit into buildings by making more efficient use of fixed assets.

The high growth rate of the communications industry has two sides to it. While quick product overturns and intense market competitions increase the inherent risks of the industry, the few who survive will win a big stake. Our wireless solutions offer flexible communications capabilities in order for clients to meet intermediate targets at a fair price.

We appreciate the difficulties modern militaries have in increasing operational requirements on leaner budgets and believe that infusions of technology can reduce the strain. As military planners have come to understand, timing and analysis are essential virtues in acquiring military equipment just as they are in fighting battle. While military establishments are impaired by the acquisition of systems that soon become obsolete, they can greatly enhance their capabilities by upgrading at a fraction of the cost and without dispensing an entire platform. With solutions ranging from high-speed communication compatibility to enhanced RADAR, SONAR and SAR signal processing, we strive to meet the military demands of tomorrow.

As guardians of sovereign states, governments often desire unique solutions that are not found on the market. Unlike private enterprise, the public sector needs technology to enhance its effectiveness in implementing policies instead of requiring efficiency to improve its bottom line. Our solutions for government agencies and organs of state are tailored to control deviations and not just improve averages when put to work. Whether it is providing law enforcement solutions or weather prediction systems, we endeavor to improve government procedures without compromising policy guidelines.

Lab & Industrial Automation
As the pioneer distributor of PC-based solutions for laboratory and industrial automation in Singapore, we have experience in providing clients with solutions that improve quality control, gauging and pattern recognition/classification. Over time, we have fine-tuned the use of image processing, data acquisition, DSP and artificial intelligence technologies to improve laboratory and industrial processes.

Medical Imaging
To perform real-time information gathering on brain functions and other advanced body functions, the medical diagnostic field requires more advanced capabilities in data storage, digitized imaging and high speed signal processing. Having worked with the diagnostic medical industry, we understand that along with the increasing need for speed and accuracy, there is a growing necessity for cost containment. While many medical institutions have difficulty affording full system replacements, we have calculated that even the upgrades offered by manufacturers cost as much as six times the price of our solutions.

Our Support strategy is built around a simple 90-day support guarantee for all services rendered, so as to provide our clients after sale support with options to make additional arrangements for maintenance and extended servicing. Moreover, since our vision of technological advancement is of improving the work process, we see after sale support as an important opportunity to enhance technology and therefore remain committed in making it accessible to clients.

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